Vihta Online Booking and Scheduling Software

Modern Way to Manage Appointment Scheduling

Vihta allows your customers to access your online booking effortlessly on all devices, freeing up your time to prioritize your core business functions.

Easy, convenient and secure

Scheduling and booking has never been as easy, convenient and secure as with Vihta Online Booking Service, a cloud-based solution built with modern scalable technologies and offering an industry-leading user experience.

Reduce no-shows

Online Booking

Vihta enables users to book appointments using any modern web browser.

Vihta eliminates the need for phone calls and reduces no-shows with reminders.

Reduce wait times

Take-a-number appointment

Take-a-number service is used in healthcare to manage patient flow and control waiting times. Patients take a queue number and wait to be called, creating a more efficient and organized process.

Vihta improves the patient experience and allows staff to focus on providing quality care.

Free up staff

Self-service kiosk

Vihta self-service kiosks are used in healthcare to improve customer experience and streamline registration process.

Patients can check in using the kiosks, freeing up staff for patient care. Kiosks also make healthcare more accessible and efficient.
Enhance Your Healthcare Operations Today!
Revolutionize your healthcare operations and enhance patient care with our comprehensive solution. Streamline patient management, reduce no-shows, and improve overall efficiency with ease.
"We are very happy with Vihta Online Booking Service. It is easy to use from the perspective of an employee and the feedback from customers has been positive. We can recommend Vihta for other medical centres. It saves time and noticeably improves customer service."
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