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Vihta Online Booking is a Complete Solution for Customer Flow Management

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Features for Customers

Online Booking

Let your customers book, change and cancel appointments from your homepages 24/7. The responsive user interface will make sure your customers can book appointments by using any device that has an operational browser and a web connection.

Automatic communication

Vihta Booking will send automated email and text messages to your customers for booking confirmations, reminders and cancellations.

Preliminary information forms

A customer can be asked for additional information regarding her reservation using a preliminary information form.


After a customer's appointment, a link to a feedback survey can be sent to them to gather their valuable input.

Features for Customer Flow Management

Self-service kiosks

Customers who have made an appointment can check in using our self-service kiosk. To do so, customers can either scan their driver's license card using the reader device, or enter their personal ID on the kiosk screen. This easy-to-use system streamlines the check-in process and saves valuable time for both customers and staff.

Take-a-number queues

Our self-service kiosk also allows customers without appointments to join a queue for their desired service. This feature helps manage customer flow and reduces wait times, while ensuring that all customers are served efficiently.

Info screens

Customers can stay informed about their appointment status by checking an info screen in a lobby. When a professional is ready to see a customer, a queue number and room number will be displayed on a info screen.
"I love how easy it is to use and customize this service. It's perfect for anyone who wants a personalized solution that's hassle-free and user-friendly."
Healthcare Superuser

Features for Professionals

Service Desk

A professional can monitor both appointments and queue numbers in the service desk view. They can call in the next customer with just one click and track estimated wait times as well.

Call center

Our call center feature provides efficient and user-friendly appointment booking functions for centralized scheduling. With our intuitive interface, professionals can easily make, modify, and cancel appointments.

Reservation books

Our professional interface offers a range of powerful tools to help you manage your appointments more effectively. You can view your schedule, track appointment status, and quickly access customer information.

Availability management

Our availability management system allows you to easily define which services are available for booking, including their durations and the facilities where they are offered. Additionally, you can specify the resources required for each service, including personnel, spaces, and equipment. With our intuitive platform, you can make informed decisions regarding resource availability and efficiently manage appointment scheduling.

Features for Supervisors

User management

You can grant the appropriate user role and office based access control for a professional.


Our call center feature provides efficient and user-friendly appointment booking functions for centralized scheduling.

Data exporters

With the Reservation Exporter, data can be exported to an external system or databases.

This way, the organization can create its own reports, for example by utilizing the Power BI tool.

Features Especially for Health Care

Mass Screenings and Other Mass Appointments

Pre-booked appointments can be generated for people reguired to participate in mass screenings and other mass appointments within the desired parameters.

Right of Appointment Services

You can order a referral (a right to an appointment) to a customer. This can include, for example, 5 appointments within 3 weeks. After that the customer can book, change and cancel appointments online. With the referral services you can control what service, where, when and how many times, the customer can book. The referral will make sure that no outsider can manage the appointments.

At-Home Blood Samples by Professionals

The customer or the staff at an assisted living accommodation can order a person to take the samples after you have planned out the route and schedule. After the registration closes or the times are taken, the tester can arrange the registrations to their own calendar in the drive order. This system can also be applied to other event registrations.
"The integration process was easy and effortless, and now I can use all the services I need seamlessly in one place. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to streamline their work and save time."
Healthcare Superuser

Open Interface

Boost your operations and offer better customer service by including an electronic booking system into your vital operational systems and as a part of management. Vihta is a modern SaaS service. Its open interface makes possible to integrate it to personal calendars, identification services, online meeting services as well as to medical reports, self registration systems and patient information systems. We offer many options for the technical execution.

Existing integrations

  • Secure login with user authentication
    - Standard protocols: OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0
    - Signicat
    - Azure AD
    - Social logins (e.g. Facebook, Google)
  • Ninchat, chat and online meeting service
  • Microsoft Office365, calendar
  • Microsoft Teams, online meeting service
  • Data Flow Server
  • Data Exporters for Business Intelligence Softwares

Data Security

Data security is one of the key priorities in Vihta. Different service components (public client level, user level and administration level) are separated and on their own virtual servers and containers. The servers are monitored automatically 24/7.

Vihta complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The servers always use the latest Enterprise Linux, Secure Linux extensions and a firewall service, which limit the programs and the ports they use on the servers.

Customizing Your Online Presence to Your Users

Creating a Memorable Online Experience with Web Service Customization


Integrate your company's logo and customize the color scheme of the user interface to align with your brand.


Design customized messages for confirmations, reminders, and cancellations based on the specific service or event.

Shortcuts for booking an appointment

Make booking easier and faster by adding direct links to web pages and newsletters to the calendar connected with the bookable resources or services.

Available languages

Vihta can be used in Finnish, Swedish, and English, and we're happy to expand our language support to accommodate other languages if needed.

Customer identification

Define the particulars that must be collected from customers when scheduling an appointment, and set up procedures for confirming their identity, such as by utilizing an online banking identifier or another strong form of identification.


The settings let you define, for example, how close to the current moment or how far into the future bookings can be made and when the last time is available.