Reservation rights are used to guide the customer to book an appointment within certain limitations.

The reservation right directs the customer to book a specific service, at allowed locations and schedules, and within a specific timeframe. A reservation right service is a restricted service that cannot be publicly booked through the customer interface.

Initially, the special feature ”reservation right services” in Vihta was implemented so that a professional can manually create a reservation right for a specific service for a customer. The customer can then book a suitable time for the service within the professional’s specified timeframe using the reservation right. The professional can define the service, location, and booking information to be associated with the reservation right. Additionally, the professional can specify the timeframe and the number of bookings allowed within the reservation right. In Vihta, the professional adds the reservation right to the customer’s information and sends a code to the customer via email and/or text message for booking the appointment. Thus, the customer can book the restricted service through Vihta’s customer interface using their personal ID and the code sent by the professional.

Currently, Vihta’s reservation rights can also be automatically created, for example, through pre-fill forms and strong authentication. If the customer fills out the pre-fill form and authenticates themselves before booking an appointment, a reservation right can be created for them based on their responses. This allows the customer to be offered suitable appointments for the service, such as those available at their residential location, the right booking information, and within the right timeframe.

In addition, automated reservation rights booking enables double booking or chained booking, where a second reservation right is automatically created for the customer after the first appointment is booked. The second reservation right is based on the information provided during the first booking and can be scheduled accordingly.

Currently, Vihta’s reservation rights are utilized automatically and chained in, for example, the booking of COVID test appointments through Finentry and Corona bot, and booking of COVID vaccination appointments in Uusimaa.

In the future, reservation rights could also be utilized automatically for booking referrals services, provided Vihta can obtain the necessary information from the patient information system for creating the reservation right.